Sunday, 15 May 2011

First Post! Revell 1:72 Panther Ausf. G

Well, today has certainly been a good day! My team Glasgow Rangers have won the league again! 54 League titles and counting!! Celtic don't even come close!

Anyway, back to the important stuff. Tanks and photography, but I'll stick to tank modelling for my first post. It's something I have recently started, firstly with 2x Airfix 1:75 Tiger tanks which were a mixture of hand brushing and humbrol enamel paint... they looked like toys. So I wanted to get more realism for the next model I made. I bought myself a 1:72 Revell Panther Ausf. G. I have to say there is a huge difference in quality between Airfix and Revell. The latter being the more detailed. 

The finished product is below. I am quite pleased with the result so far. A combination of using an airbrush, Tamiya acrylic paints, 502 Abteilung oil paint, gloss and matt varnish and some crushed pastel with Isopropyl alcohol to create dust and mud.The rust effects were created by using MIG Pigments light and dark rust. 

Stay tuned for the next model.... 1:35 Italeri Tiger Tank!

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