Thursday, 16 June 2011

#4 Italeri 1:35 Tiger 1 Ausf. E

Good evening! So, things are starting to come together with this model. I have more or less described in the previous post what I was going to do next, so here it is.... up until the point before I spray Dunkelgelb (Dark Yellow) all over the model. I was quite surprised how the salt grains stayed on and didnt fall off. The mix of thinned wood glue and water worked a treat! Oh, I also managed to get the photo etched side skirts on too! Much nicer than the alternative plastic choice in the box. These stuck on very easily using super glue. Again, couldn't resist putting a couple of bullet holes in. The seems around the front hull I put some putty in to tidy it up a little. More to follow soon...


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