Friday, 29 July 2011

#10 Italeri 1:35 Tiger 1 Ausf. E

It's late and I'm tired so going to keep this brief! Been a couple of weeks since my last post but I have been busy with other things so needs must. 

Anyway, with the salt grain effect going a bit offish after applying clear gloss, I needed to do something that would remedy it. Wasn't such a big deal really. So, the next stage was to really kick the weathering off. Firstly, to try and fade the paint a little to give it that sun bleached look. For this I wasn't sure weather to try Tamiya Buff or something similar. A gentleman recommended to use oil paints. I wasn't really wanting to dive into the realm of oil paints as yet, since effectively I am still a noob at this game. However, one of the recommendations was 502 Abteilung German Three - Tone Fading no. Abt155. So I thought, what the hell, this is exactly what I want to do so might as well give it a try. Can't be any different from a wash. You can see the contrast between the upper and lower hulls. Looking at real armour, the lower hull doesnt seem to fade as much as the upper hull. I blab on! I said I'd be quick right? Ok here are the latest images so far....


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