Wednesday, 13 July 2011

#9 Italeri 1:35 Tiger 1 Ausf. E

Thought I'd fire in a quick post before the next update.... I am currently waiting on some oil paints to arrive in the post before I apply a pin wash and some 'grease' on the wheel hubs. To prepare for this, I have now applied a flat clear acrylic varnish by Xtracrylics all over the model. I left the first coat to dry for 20 minutes then applied a 2nd. Strangely enough... the same thing happened when I applied an earlier clear gloss coat.... the salt chip residue 'frosted' up. It was easy to remedy when the oil wash was applied, but after the coat of gloss I'd have thought it would have sealed in.... apparently not. Either I have discovered a way to create a frost look in winter or it's just a mess I have created. Anyway, I am sure when it comes to the time to spray a buff coat and some pigments, it should clear it again. Some pics below, just to show that a salt/glue mix can have side effects.


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